Hello dollies and their mommies! ;) Madison here…I am so sorry I haven’t been posting frequently – it’s been a super busy weekend for all of us. I had to take my sister back to TBI and the drive was like five hours there and five hours back. We got back pretty late and we were worn out and tired and just wanted to go to bed. But I’m in the middle of two different stop-motions and have some posts planned up – One I’ve been planning when there was nothing else to do on the drive to TBI and the drive back, and at the hotel when there was nothing else to do. It’ll be huge, and full of super duper AWESOMENESS!

But in the meantime….my Girl of Many Lands dolls want to say hi!

IMG_3802This is where they are.IMG_3803 The doll stands they come with are super helpful!

IMG_3807 Neela says hi!

IMG_3806 Cecile and Isabel say hi too! (Cecile is my favorite of them all…shhh!)

IMG_3805 Next to them is a box full of random AG accessories..IMG_3804 And then a bin of all my handmade AG clothes.

IMG_3808Oh! I forgot! Leyla is usually really shy…but she managed to come out for the camera! say hi, Leyla! Leyla: Hi Leyla!

LOL, She’s got a sense of humor.

Well…that’s it! Stay tuned for some AGSM’s and more coming up! :)

Until next time :)