Painted Pumpkin 1Good afternoon and welcome to this awesome new series of posts we’ll be doing – Seven Days of Doll Play! Each day for seven days we will be posting an awesome play idea for you and your doll! Today’s Doll Play idea is – Paint a Pumpkin! Since we don’t know how to carve, we grabbed our acrylics and got started!

Painted Pumpkin 2Oh and, I forgot to mention, you might need a pumpkin. ;) You can find these doll-sized ones at your local farmers market, Wal-Mart, basically everywhere in October!

Painted pumpkin 3Oh and, unless you want to get your clothes super messy, I suggest you get on an apron!

After you’ve got your super duper pumpkin, apron, grab some paints and a paintbrush, and let the painting begin!

Painted Pumpkin 4Arg! Which one? Which color should I do? Hmm….eenee-meenie-miny-moe, catch a tiger by his toe. If her hollers, let him go, eenee-meenie-miny-moe! Blue won!

Painted Pumpkin 5Eeeek! I am so excited! I can’t wait to see how the pumpkins will turn out.

Painted Pumpkin 6Awww!! Isn’t she soooo cute?! I’m going to grab my yellow and paint some hair on my pumpkin.

Hehe, painting sure can be messy! See all the blue paint? :)

Painted Pumpkin 8EDITAnd, Madison’s brother painted a pumpkin too! Isn’t he cute?

Well, thanks so much for joining us for Day one of…


Tune in next time for another awesome play idea. Hope you enjoyed painting pumpkins!