Well, a few days ago Jessa shyly brought up the idea of a picnic. Everyone was so excited! But just then, it started raining a storm outside. They were all very disappointed, but then Jessa suggested they have it inside!

IMG_0447So that’s exactly what they did.

“I am so glad you could all come,” Jessa smiled when she saw her guests arrived. “I’ve prepared what I hope will be a fine indoors picnic.”

IMG_0448Jocelyn, Celina, and Molly-Anne looked at the pleasant setting inside the room. “I know it will be!” Jocelyn reassured, smiling back.

IMG_0449Jocelyn and Celina went ahead and sat down, but Molly-Anne lingered and just gawked about the room. “You can sit down, if you’d like, Molly-Anne,” Jessa offered quietly.

“Yeah, uh, I was just wondering, how did you get the lighting up and everything? I didn’t even know we had half this stuff.” Molly-Anne asked.

“Well, I was helping Madison do a tiny bit of unpacking in her spare time. I came across the blanket, the dishes, the cupboard, everything. It would be perfect for a picnic! When the weather didn’t permit, I spotted this flashlight.

IMG_0450“With a bit of help from Madison, she helped me put it up. And there! We have light in this dark room.” Explained Jessa.

IMG_0452SORRY, I JUST HAVE TO INTERRUPT. DID Y’ALL NOTICE I TOOK JESSA’S HAIR OUT OF HER BRAID?! IT IS SOOOOOO SOFT AND GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT! I literally was touching and feeling it and almost petting it! I love it. I was sooooo careful with it, I do NOT want it to be ruined!

IMG_0453“You did a good job,” Molly-Anne commented stiffly.

“Gracias,” Jessa muttered, turning away for a moment blushing from all the attention of being a host. “Well, please, have a seat and let’s begin!”

IMG_0454“We have two drinks available. Who would like some lemonade?” Jessa asked.

“Me!” Jocelyn and Celina exclaimed at the same time.

“We also have orange juice.”

“I’ll have some,” Molly-Anne told her.

IMG_0455No sooner than Jessa left did she return with a pitcher and two cups of lemonade.

IMG_0456“This looks good! Thanks, Jessa!” Celina exclaimed.

“Yes, thanks, Jessa!” Chorused Jocelyn.

IMG_0457“She’s taking way too long on the orange juice,” Molly-Anne snidely remarked.

IMG_0458“Here is the orange juice!” Jessa announced, walking in the room.

“Ooooh!” Celina and Jocelyn gasped.

“Is that real glass? Where did you find all this stuff?!” Celina asked.

“Just unpacking,” Jessa smiled.

IMG_0459She set down the tray by Molly-Anne.

IMG_0460“Here,” Jessa set the cup that was the most full by Molly-Anne’s plate graciously.

IMG_0461Molly-Anne didn’t bother to say thank you, but Jessa hardly noticed. She left and returned quicker than quick with a bowl of potato salad.

IMG_0462“Here you are, Jocelyn,” Jessa smiled as she scooped the potato salad onto her plate.

IMG_0463Soon they all had platefuls of food. “Let’s pray,” Jessa suggested before they dug in.

“It’s my turn to pray!” Jocelyn grinned. “Lord, thank you for this meal and bless the hands who made it. Help it to benefit our health and nourish our bodies. And help others around the world who don’t have food to enjoy like we do. In Jesus’ name, amen!”

IMG_0464With that, they started eating!

“So, Celina,” Molly-Anne began grumpily. “Do tell us what on earth you did to your hair!”

IMG_0466Celina giggled as she reached for her spoon. “I’m curling it, this messy hair! Hopefully this works.”

IMG_0467“I’ve always wanted curly hair,” Jessa complimented. “Your hair is gorgeous.”

“Thanks, but my hair is NEVER curly like it should be! It’s got a mind of its own!” Celina laughed, and the others (except Molly-Anne) giggled.

IMG_0468“Jessa, I must say, you’ve got the best hair of anyone here. It’s so beautiful!” Jocelyn told her.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Jessa nervously laughed.

“No, it’s the most amazing hair I’ve ever seen. You look gorgeous!” Celina insisted. Jessa blushed and smiled.

“Gracias,” She replied.

IMG_0469“I’m NOT hungry!” Molly-Anne stoutly cried, jumping up. “Excuse ME!”

IMG_0470With that, she flung herself out of the room and grabbed her getaway rope she installed. Well, more like she taped ribbon to the side of my loft bed, but don’t tell her you know that. ;)

IMG_0471She snatched the rope in her hands and swung over the side.

IMG_0472She then flung herself off.

IMG_0473“Ooof!” She landed with a thud on one of the little ladder steps.

IMG_0474“It’s not fair! Before Jessa came, I was the most popular mini doll! The most adventurous, the most beautiful, the most awesome! Everyone listened to me! I don’t like this Jessa at all! Ever since she came Jocelyn and Celina have been mesmorized by her kindness which I am sure is totally fake anyways. She’s been here for practically eight months, surely the newness will WEAR OFF!!!” Molly-Anne monologued angrily.

IMG_0475“Of all the nerve and audacity! That she would DARE to steal MY SPOTLIGHT!”

IMG_0476“SHE’S SO RUDE!!!”

IMG_0477“Molly-Anne!?!” Cried a shocked Jocelyn.

Molly-Anne looked up. Did I really not notice her until just now?! She wondered.

“Jocci! How long have you been standing there?!” Molly-Anne gasped. She hadn’t imagined anyone would actually hear her.

IMG_0478“Long enough to hear EVERYTHING! Oh, how could you say such awful, hurtful words?! Jealous, that’s what you are! The Molly-Anne I know would never say such things. What’s come over you?!” Cried a disappointed Jocelyn.

IMG_0479“I didn’t think anyone would hear me,” Molly-Anne squeaked. “I’m sorry.”

Jocci sighed. “I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. I just – oh, why didn’t you just talk to me about how you felt? Why are you jealous of Jessa anyways?”

“You heard.” Molly-Anne muttered. “And you said Jessa’s hair was the best of anyone’s here. And that made me sad because my hair is ugly. And it seems like you like Jessa more than me.”

“I’m… I’m sorry, Molly-Anne. I should not have said that. I don’t think your hair is ugly. I think it is very beautiful.”

“Really?” Asked Molly-Anne.

“Really. And besides – you always will and forever be my BEST friend. Nobody else will replace you!”

IMG_0480“Let’s go back to the picnic,” Jocci offered her hand to help Molly-Anne up.

“Yes, let’s,” Molly-Anne agreed, smiling.


IMG_0482Molly-Anne came back and finished her plate of potato salad. “This is really good, Jessa!” Molly-Anne complimented.

And she really meant it.

IMG_0483“I have sodas for dessert!” Jessa exclaimed after Molly-Anne finished eating.

“I haven’t tasted a soda in FOREVER!” Molly-Anne cried.

“Oh my gosh, what a treat!” Celina laughed happily.

“I hope you have cherry! Oh please, oh please. I’ve missed cherry ever so much.” Jocelyn wished, and everyone nodded their agreement in happy to have sodas. The progress on unpacking little accesories was very, very slow. :P

IMG_0484Jocelyn did get her cherry soda, but it was nothing compared to what Jessa brought out next!

“CAKE!!!” Cheered her guests.

IMG_0485Finally, the picnic was over. “Thanks for the picnic, Jessa! It was wonderful!” Jocelyn gushed.

“You were such a gracious host, and a wonderful cook. We had so much fun,” Celina agreed. Then they left.

IMG_0486But Molly-Anne stayed and helped clean up. “I’m really glad to have you in our doll family,” she finally mentioned.

IMG_0487 “Gracias, Molly-Anne,” Jessa thanked, grinning.

IMG_0488“I am very glad to be a part of such a wonderful family.”

:-) THE END! :-)

IMG_0489Now I just had to give Jessa a mini photoshoot! She is soooooo beautiful! I threw her across the room *yikes* at my BFFs when I had my brace on from my steroid injection, and couldn’t get up to put her with my other dolls, so yeah, I threw her. And then, OOOOOOHHHHH NNNNOOOO!!! She had a white mark on her head – it won’t come off, so I know it’s a scratch! I was SO sad. I literally thought my BFF was kidding when she gasped and exclaimed, “She has a mark on her forehead!”

But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, I suppose – it inspired me to try a new hairstyle on her, with a little bit of her hair covering the scratch in a bit of a side-bangs way.

IMG_0491Doesn’t she look SO pretty?!

IMG_0492I re-braided her hair so the beautiful wavy-crimp would stay.


IMG_0494The ends of her braid are uneven when you re-braid it because of the way it is stock-straight cut after being braided for the first time by AG. But I don’t mind much.

IMG_0495I wrapped her ribbon around her head as a headband and tucked the sprig of yellow primroses in it.

IMG_0497Jessa says bye! :-)

IMG_0498Oh, yeah, what do you think of this awesome painting/posterish/thing above my doll room? Doesn’t it just scream American Girl? :D

IMG_0499And, my doll room has been re-arranged, by, SURPRISE, my sister! While I was gone in Texas, she cleaned up my room, including my doll area! I like this set-up much better, actually. And my sister doesn’t even like dolls (or does she? … ;p), and yet she actually efficiently saved space and made my doll room a lot cuter!

Do you have any mini dolls? If you could have any mini doll, which one would it be?